Thursday, March 31, 2016

SS Lucky Ducky - April 21st - Mobile, Alabama - Benefits Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy

Sentiments of Life Photography will be providing photography coverage for this event.
This is a great cause. I would like to encourage anyone who can attend to consider doing so. If you can't attend, please think about donating to Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy. Every little bit counts!


Just For The Mud Of It - Mobile Police Department SWAT Team - Mobile, Alabama June 4, 2016

Sentiments of Life Photography is a proud sponsor of the following event. Come out and join the fun, while supporting a good cause. Don't be a stranger... stop by for a photo and say hi!


Sporting Events and Candid Photos that Tell A Story - Mobile, Alabama

Sporting events and event photography gives you a glimpse into the candid world of people coming together... spending time doing what they enjoy. Some of the best photos come when people are unaware of the camera... True personalities shine through and you get a glimpse of natural daily interactions...unposed, unplanned. They say a picture is worth a thousand words... Photos can sometimes tell stories with no words necessary!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sentiments of Life Photography's Charity Event Calendar

Keep up with our events and plan to join in on the fun... all while supporting a good cause.  Calendar is updated regularly, when new events are added.

Fools' Rush 5K - Mobile, Alabama - SGA Pavilion

Fools' Rush 5K

Everyone mark your calendars.... We have added a new event that we are photographing. Look for us at the Fools' Rush 5K and Fun Run on April 2nd at the USA SGA Pavilion at the Intramural Fields. The event is being presented by the Southwind Drum and Bugle Corps. All proceeds raised from this event will go towards helping underprivileged members cover tuition costs and to help provide instrumentation and food for all members of the organization. Hope to see you there!

Friday, March 18, 2016

April/May Charity Events Mobile, Alabama

Here's the short list of the events we are covering in April and May. More coming soon! Guaranteed to be a good time. Show your support and get involved!
April 2nd - Fools Rush 5K - SGA Pavilion (Intramual Fields)
April 9th - 8K By The Bay - Arlington Park - Brookley
April 23rd - PHind a Cure - Battleship Park
April 30 - Mobile Walk For Autism - SGA Pavilion
May 14th - Run, Ride, Scout (Duathlon) Battleship Park

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Candid Family Photos - The Shots You Get In Between Shots!

Some of the most precious moments during a session are the photos that are taken when the subjects think that the camera isn't looking. Those totally relaxed few seconds in between shots when everyone lets their guard down and just enjoys being together.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


We love to photograph charity events.  Getting out there in the community and photographing events that are bringing awareness to a cause not only gives you the ability to do your part in donating to the charity by offering your services, but it allows you to meet some pretty amazing people that you might not have met otherwise.  Take a look at some of our event coverage on our website.  I'm sure you will find a picture or two that will bring a smile to your face.

We would love to hear from local charity event coordinators who are looking for coverage of their events.  Contact us and let us know about your cause.


Upcoming Charity Runs and Events - Mobile, Alabama

Here are just a few of the upcoming events we will be providing photography coverage for. Be sure to check them out and do your part to help support these causes:

***** March 12th - Let's Get It 5K Run/Walk - Mellow Mushroom at the Loop.
Benefits: Wounded Warrior Project

***** April 9th - 8K By The Bay - Arlington Park -
Benefits Penelope House–Shelter and Advocacy for Domestic Violence Victims and the Sheriff Foundation.…/8k-by-the-bay---plus-2-mile-and-fun-ru…
**** April 23rd - PHind A Care - For Pulmonary Hypertension Research…
***** April 30th - Mobile Walk For Autism
SGA Pavillion - Mobile, Alabama
***** May 14th - Run, Scout, Ride
Benefits local Boy Scouts of America

JMH - Let's Get It 5K Run/Walk - Mobile, Alabama March 12, 2016

Sentiments of Life Photography will be covering the JMH - Let's Get It 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, March 12th. Come on out to the Mellow Mushroom at the Loop and show your support. Proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. I'm told it will be held rain or shine!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Time To Get Serious About Blogging... Let's take a look at studio photo shoots versus outdoor photo shoots...

At Sentiments of Life Photography we specialize in both outdoor portrait photography and event photography (both inside and outside events).  In my opinion, there is nothing quite like using nature as your backdrop when you are working with clients.  Studio photography has never been anything that particularly interested me.  In my mind, studio photography is permanently etched as the photo studios from my early childhood... pull down or changeable screens in blue or white.  School photos that have a fake landscape in the background with a fence, green hilly pastures, barns and the occasional live stock roaming freely in the fields.  Everyone had a choice of 4 or 5 different backgrounds.  Of course, studio photo shoots are very much different today than they were years ago.  High tech lighting and special effects make for some very spectacular photo shoots.  I am in awe of some of the photos that I have seen that were taken using modern technology in an indoor studio setting.  Beautiful effects with lighting, special effects and props.  All a brilliant recipe for some of the most amazing photos that I have seen.  As beautiful as these are, and as creative as the photo shoot is, my personal preference has always been outdoor portrait photography.  Well, not even just "portraits", but outdoor photo shoots for individuals, couples, families, parties, events... just to name a few.  With outdoor photo shoots your background options are endless.  If the lighting isn't just right, move over 10 feet and you will have a whole new feel to the image that you are creating.  Not happy with the background that you see?  Do a 180 degree turn around and without leaving your location you have a whole new background.  Add in reflectors to take advantage of natural lighting, use the light bouncing off of neighboring buildings, add in some off camera lighting attached to a tripod and you have created a whole new feel to the same location, the same setting, without ever having to leave your current location.  Now... here is the fun part... you can pack up your car and just go... your studio is an open canvas.  If your client wants a beach photo shoot, then take your pick.  Living on the Gulf Coast the possibilities are endless.  Beach, waterfront shoots, lakes, rivers, streams, bays.  There are so many possibilities that you need not worry about limited options for photo shoots.  Gulf Coast living affords many great opportunities for capturing life's special moments without sacrificing originality and having your photos looks like every other person that has had the same type of photo shoot.

The idea of working from a studio feels as if I am being held back.  As if my creativity is being limited to the confines of the walls of the structure.  Of course, this isn't true because studio photography can be absolutely breathtaking and you are only limited by your imagination.  That being said... I want to be free to take my photo shoots to my clients.  To be able to pick the perfect location for whatever their vision of the perfect photo shoot is.  Whether it is a field of cotton, a sunset on the beach, a laid back photo shoot along a river on a lazy spring afternoon, an urban style shoot in the streets and alleys in downtown Mobile... I just have to get in my car and go.  I can go and have a different feel to each and every one of my photo sessions, and this is why I absolutely love outdoor photography!