Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sumthin' About N'Awlins - The Collection... New images added daily!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Imperfect Photos - Welcome to creativity at it's best... Making images your own!

People are not perfect, and neither is life.  Everyone makes mistakes and colors outside of the lines occasionally.  We all view things through individual eyes, and what is beautiful to some will not be to others.  This is what makes us individual and this is where creativity comes in.  I share images that I take so that the world can better see things through my eyes.  Some may find the images beautiful.  Others may say that the contrast is too heavy, the photos are too grainy, there is too much saturation or clarity applied, there is too much background noise.  Oh look... this photo would be nice if that color wasn't so bold....  Everything that is contained in my images is not there by accident.  They are not unintentional colors added to the image or a mistake.  Nothing in life fits nicely into a neat little packaged box; being imperfect is something that I am perfectly happy with and embrace.  This is where the most important part of this whole process lies... Photos and your view of them are open to interpretation.   Some will love them and some will hate them, and I am okay with both.  I have an absolute love for photography, and every day is a learning process.  I can take a photo from bland to grand in a matter of a few post processing changes.  No 2 images will ever look the same and this is where the fun part of the creative process lies.  So, take a look at my photos and judge for yourself.  Like them, love them or not your cup of tea?  It's okay no matter how you feel.  Each person has their own taste in art, including me, and what a boring, cookie cutter world this would be if we all thought alike!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Beauty in Biloxi - Landscape photos taken from the Ocean Springs/Biloxi area

Perfect photos?  Not by a long shot.  Boy, what a beautiful day though.  Nature gave me the perfect foundation to play around and make the photos something of my own.